Tamil Movie Actress Bikini

Meera Jasime in Karunanidhi's film

Meera Jasmine will cast in Kalaignar Karunanidhi's new film. Uday kiran is the lead actor in this film, he has done a good perfomance in tamil movie 'po'. Story screen play and dialogues are by Cheif Minister Karunanidhi. Ilavenil will direct this film, Deva will do music,lyrics by vairamuthu, pazgani bharathi and Muthukumar

Meera Jasmine's another film is blocked by senser board. Becouse this film is having some objectionable content related to Srilankan Tamils. V krishna murthy's Shivappu Mazai, is faced this kind problem with sensor board. This film is waiting for a Guinness record for completing movie within 12 days.

Nayanthara married Prabhu deva

There is a gossip that South Indian actress Nayanthara is getting married to 'Indian Michel Jakson' Prabhu Deva. Yesterday one of Telugu TV Channel announced that Actress Nayanthara and choreographer-actor Prabhu Deva Prabhu Deva already married, But Nayanthara's manager revealed that She is not married yet.
Meanwhile sources reveal that Nayan sports a tattoo ‘Prabhu Deva’ on her right wrist, starting with a ‘P’ in English and the remaining words in Tamil. It is said that Hakim Aalim who runs the Hair n’ Tattoo lounge in Hyderabad has done the tattoo work on Nayan. It is yet to be learned if the tattoo is a permanent or a temporary one. Prabhu Deva is living with his wife Ramlath, his one-time dance assistant in prabhu devas' dance group. Gossip is spread over south indian movie industry. Nayanthara's fans are eagerly waiting for what is reality.
After Nayanthara's break up with simbu, She Vacated her home in chennai and relocated to Hyderabad.

Tamil Hot Actress Sona

None of the hot actresses in south indian movie has celebrated their birthday like this. Tamil actress Sona has celebrated her birthday with school children. She gave toys and other game stuffs to school children. Served sweets to children. many fans are send birthday cards to her.

Asin as Indian princess

Thottumkal would be another block buster movie of Tamil Actress Asin. She will be getting a chance to work with Japanese superstar Tadanobu Asano for a Walt Disney venture “The 19th Step”. Tadanobu Asano is known as brad pitt of Japan movie industry. The presense of South Indian Super star Kamal Hassan in the movie will be added advandage. Asin perform as indian princess who is trained in marshal arts, Kamal Hassan plays as a master of Kerala marshal arts Kalari payattu.