Pooja Kumar as lead actress in my bollywood hero

Neha Dhupia reportedly has declared herself as the leading lady of Slumdog Millionaire producer’s new upcoming three part series My Bollywood Hero. Since then, a ‘war’ seems to have erupted which is promising to kick up a storm in the future. And the controversy refuses to die down. Now, the actual leading heroine of the movie, Pooja Kumar, a New York-based Indian actress (she was the New York Miss India) is crying foul and has pronounced Neha’s claim as ‘no-ball’. Pooja is starring opposite the famous Hollywood comedian Chris Katten (of Saturday Night Live fame). The film is based on the Indian film industry and has a host of other Indian stars including Neha Dhupia in a cameo. Pooja Kumar, who plays Chris Katten’s love interest in the movie, is all excited about being a part of this three-episode series, but is shocked the way Neha went about town saying she’s playing the lead role in the movie. “I’m the lead heroine of the film. But, after reading Neha’s interview we were shocked. This is ethically wrong,” said Pooja, keeping her cool prior to her departure to New York after the movie’s shooting in Mumbai recently. “But despite the controversy, I have high regard for Neha. She’s a brilliant actress and a good human being,” she added.