Meera Jasime in Karunanidhi's film

Meera Jasmine will cast in Kalaignar Karunanidhi's new film. Uday kiran is the lead actor in this film, he has done a good perfomance in tamil movie 'po'. Story screen play and dialogues are by Cheif Minister Karunanidhi. Ilavenil will direct this film, Deva will do music,lyrics by vairamuthu, pazgani bharathi and Muthukumar

Meera Jasmine's another film is blocked by senser board. Becouse this film is having some objectionable content related to Srilankan Tamils. V krishna murthy's Shivappu Mazai, is faced this kind problem with sensor board. This film is waiting for a Guinness record for completing movie within 12 days.